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You, our customers, are our number one priority. In the current crisis, you need to be assured that you have access to essential protective equipment to ensure your safety. We work with major healthcare providers across the country and can supply to you too. We can get PPE to where it’s needed most – the front line.

With our exclusive logistics network we are able to transport high quantities of PPE to any UK location. Our team of import experts ensure that customs clearance runs smoothly.





Gowns & Aprons 

we offer a Range of difernt Gowns and aprons contact us  to find out more 



we offer a Range of differnt gloves contact us  to find out more 


Gels & Sanatizers

we offer a Range of differnt Gels and Santizers contact us  to find out more 


We offer a wide range of PPE products and our philosophy is simple, give you what you need at the right price.  We have forged excellent relationships with manufacturers who have provided us with the highest quality and most reliable products ; qualities that are vital in the care industry.



With decades of experience of working directly within the healthcare sector and access to manufactures and suppliers on a global scale, we can source the right equipment to suit your needs, whatever they may be.


Advise on using Facemasks WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Our team at Orchard Rock is committed to providing you with the information and support you need.  Protect your staff and those you care for.  Don’t wait to get in touch.  Call us today to secure your next delivery of PPE. 

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Our dedicated team of knowledgable PPE procurement specialists are available to discuss any of our products so please don’t hesitate to contact us for free unbiased advice or information.


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